Truck Tool Boxes

Truck tool boxes are one of the most versatile accessories for any truck owner.   Having a secure, weatherproof storage option to hold all your tools is much easier than moving everything into the cab when you stop.  

Truck tool boxes come in many styles today and choosing the best one can take some research.   Please feel free to call us at (616) 392-8119 and we’ll be happy to share our expertise.   We install all types and certainly hear all of the pros / cons from truck owners here in West Michigan.

Crossover Tool Box
Tool Chest
Wheel Well Tool Box
Side Mount Tool Box

Truck Racks

Truck Racks are convenient for contractors, farmers, or serious DIYers who need to safely transport large equipment to the jobsite.  If you are the “friend with the truck”, you also get pulled into numerous weekend favors and a rack can make sense.   Campers also enjoy truck racks for securing bicycles, paddle boards, canoes, and kayaks out of the way.   Truck racks extend your storage capabilities and turn your truck into a two-story unit with just a few steps.  

Ladder Racks
Cap Racks
Tonneau Cover Racks

Van Racks, Storage, & Shelving

Advantage Auto & Truck Accessories also carries a full line of Commercial Van options such as Roof Racks, Pre-Configured Storage Packages for professional trades, hidden bulkheads,  shelving, and pull out storage compartments.  

We sell, service, and install all options right here in West Michigan.   Please give us a call at (616) 392-8119 and we’ll be happy to provide a few options based on your requirements.   We proudly carry Kargomaster and Weatherguard.

Shelving Units
Pull Out Storage
Bulkhead Protection
Roof Racks

Fuel Transfer Tanks

Advantage Auto & Truck Accessories is proud to be an exclusive dealer of TransferFlow Fuel Systems which are 100% Made in the U.S.A.  These units come in multiple styles and allow the convenience of going further distances or refueling equipment on the jobsite.  Combo fuel / toolbox units offer the convenience of re-fueling and securing your tools without taking up twice the cargo space. 

We sell, service, and install fuel transfer tanks, auxiliary tanks, and fuel transfer pumps right out of our Zeeland, Michigan facility.   Please give us a call at (616) 392-8119 and we’ll be happy to provide a few options based on your requirements.  

High-Capacity Tanks
In-Bed Auxiliary Tanks
Refueling / Transfer Tanks
Fuel / Toolbox Combos

Truck Bed Storage

Truck Bed Storage solutions and bed slides are becoming more popular and functional today.   Everyone likes a clean or at least organized truck and it’s easy for the daily grind to get the best of us.  Trucks haul jobsite materials, ladders, tools, kids, boats, and whatever else your friends & neighbors throw your way.  

Truck Bed Tool Box
Cab Storage Options
Bed Slides
Slide with Ramps
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