Floor Mats

Aftermarket Floor Mats or Floorliners will give you the most protection against the brutal Michigan winters and your battle with family spills in your favorite new car or truck.   Advantage Auto & Truck Accessories proudly carries Husky Liners and Weathertech and have found these to handle the snow, sand, and drink spills the best.

Standard floor mats are flat and generally are made to fit a wide range of vehicles.  Weathertech and Husky floor mats are specifically designed to fit your make & model vehicle and the contours of your interior.   This allows the majority of any spill to stay on the mat versus running all over the place as you attempt to clean up.  A $150-$200 investment will more than make-up for itself in resale value down the line.    Car and truck buyers rate interior cleaniness towards the top of their requirements when looking to buy a used vehicle.    

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