Truck Bed Covers

Truck bed covers or tonneau covers give you the ability to extend the protected cargo space of your truck and secure valuable items when your truck is unattended.

These units come in a variety of styles but generally fall into the following categories:

Soft Tri-Fold
Hard Fold Tonneau
Soft Snap-On
Low Profile

Truck Bed Styles

Truck bed covers come in multiple styles and it’s worth some time to study your options.   Tonneau covers come in snap-on, roll-up, retractable, hinged, and folding.

Soft & Hard folding covers ($$ to $$$) are popular today because they protect your cargo space but give easy access when you need it.

Higned Lid covers ($$ to $$$) give you a locking flat cover and the ability to reach cargo from the sides of the truck bed.

Retracable covers ($$$$) come in vinyl, aluminum or polycarbonate and give you the ability to easily retract the entire cover.  This provides easy access to your truck bed for hauling or hooking up the 5th wheel.

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